It’s April, but (I hope) I’m no fool…

Hello again, everybody! It’s been a couple of months since my last post, and I apologize for leaving things hanging that way…but life has finally returned to something of a steady state, and I figured it was about time to get back in the saddle, both online and on the road. Here’s how I stand now…

End of January, I was headed home after work, when the right rear tire blew out at 85 mph. I lost control, skidding into the dividing wall, rebounding into another vehicle, and finally coming to a stop in the lane I started in. I clambered out the window, walked to the shoulder, sank to the ground, and don’t remember much else until I woke up in the hospital with a doctor telling me I had a broken neck. It could have been much worse – while I was in a great deal of pain, at least I was alive and everything still worked, more or less. A few days later, I went home in a cervical collar, with orders to take it easy (like I could do anything else) and started wondering how all this was going to work out.

Despite the accident, we were able to proceed with the sale of the house – my oldest son and a few key friends really stepped up and helped us with packing up everything that we didn’t sell/give away/ leave behind and moving into temporary storage. (Imagine condensing 28 years in a three-bedroom house down to a 10×10 box…we did that!) Next, as planned, we attended the huge Houston RV show and were able to get a great deal on a 37′ travel trailer – it wasn’t the enormous 5th wheel unit we had originally picked out, but losing and replacing a truck put a pretty big dent in our shopping budget; we lowered the bar a bit and still did alright, I think.

I was still wearing the cervical collar at that point, so driving with that trailer was…challenging, shall we say? But I was determined, and with just a bit of pharmaceutical assistance I was able to get us out of Houston and down to Port Isabel, and settled into the RV park we had selected. We chose that particular park sight unseen, based on reviews online and price comparisons, but we were impressed with the amenities and how friendly the people were. Sadly, first impressions can be deceiving. It turned out we had moved into a retirement community full of older people who felt that our nine-year-old pit bull was a threat to their peace of mind and their little dogs (true, she is not friendly to other animals, but we know that and do not allow interactions, because that is what responsible owners do).  By the second day we were told “there have been complaints” and we were on probation, and when it came time to renew for another month, we were told they “needed the space” and we would have to go. It was the best thing that could have happened, because I found another park nearby, with a much more reasonable manager, and now we have a bigger lot, fronting a private marina; I wake each morning and sit by the water, listening to the seagulls and watching for the dolphin who has claimed this area as his private fishing grounds – don’t be jealous, it’s not becoming  🙂


So far as running goes, there has been none since completing the Aramco Half Marathon back in Houston in mid-January. In fact, it was early March before I could walk more than a block or so without excessive pain in my neck and upper back – whiplash is a real tough thing to recover from, and I was looking at the big picture and not wanting to push too hard, too soon. But persistence pays off…I have been taking the dog for longer and longer walks, morning and evening – we’re nearly up to three miles at a time (you can follow me on Strava if you care to see all the places we go)  I do a daily workout, utilizing resistance bands and body weight, mostly focusing on range of motion and upper body/core strength.  I have a pending appointment with a chiropractor and massage therapist to work out the remaining kinks. AND…I have a concrete goal – I have registered for the Jailbreak SPI  on May 6. It’s a 5K, 20-obstacle race on the beach, and you are allowed to skip an obstacle if you want to. (I don’t plan to skip any, but better to have options, right?) By then I should be in pretty good condition, and I am totally stoked in anticipation.

So, moving forward, I will be posting here on a regular basis again, as I recover my running mojo, and discover more about the running community here in the Rio Grande Valley.  I already know of a couple of good race companies in the area, although I have yet to make contact.  One day at a time is always a good strategy, and as long as you are moving, that is all anyone can expect. Thanks for stopping by, and please…I love comments, and knowing that sharing my adventures is inspiring others as they face their own, so don’t be shy!



  1. Nicole Marie

    Oh my goodness! Thank God you’re alright!! That is terrifying. So happy to hear you’re on the mend, and living the RV life by the water sounds amazing. How exciting to be able to pick up your whole house to go on vacation. 🙂

    I’ll be following your story while you heal and do your first race post-accident. Good luck to you!! xoxo

  2. Melissa

    Wow–that sounds terrifying. I’ve driven those highways in Houston and it’s probably something of a miracle you didn’t get hit by six other people going 90. Yowza. Glad you are recovering well and have found a peaceful place!

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