There’s not much to say…but I’ll say it anyway

Another week has passed, and overall I have to say I am pleased with the progress of my recovery.  The twice-daily walks with my dog are up to three miles each, and we have added a shorter walk at mid-day as well. (I don’t track those on Strava, but they are included in may daily step count, which passes 12,000 most days now.)  The routes have shifted out of the neighborhoods and into the business district along the highway, after several incidents where unleashed dogs have attacked us – once it was an enormous Great Dane that leaped out of the garage of a house across the street, another was a massive pit bull that sailed over the door of the convertible he and his owner were sitting parked in (and after I had asked the owner to restrain his dog…he replied, “No, he’s a good boy,” just as the dog was launching himself at us) – I simply do not understand pet owners who refuse to follow leash laws and allow their animals to attack other dogs. In both of these cases is was all I could do to keep my dog under control and prevent her from being mauled until the other person retrieved theirs.  I got knocked to the ground and trampled by the Dane, got bitten (slightly) by the pit bull…and got cursed at by both owners for MY dog’s behavior.  It’s enough that I am tempted to buy and carry a can of pepper spray – not for the dogs, but for the people!!  OK, rant ended; on to other things.

I am less than one month out from the Jailbreak SPI race, and I’m a little anxious about the fact that I’m still not running.  Call it an excess of caution, but I can’t bring myself to push forward until I obtain a medical clearance. The chiropractor is supposed to be back in the office tomorrow, and hopefully I will get an appointment this week.  I’m not really out of shape, as I’ve only been laid off from regular running for about 90 days, and I believe the cardio will return quickly; but the sooner I start logging miles, the better I will feel.  I still need to decide how to incorporate my runs into the walking schedule I have established…the dog is NOT a runner, she gets winded pretty quickly and much prefers a slow, steady march with ample breaks for sniffing  🙂   So either I run in the pre-dawn and walk her as my cooldown, or I use our time as a warmup and then run in the heat…I will try both options and decide from there, I guess (although common sense says run cooler, not hotter, but when did I ever listen to that?)

Unrelated to running, but related to life, I have finally begun working again. I did one small painting job for an acquaintance at the previous RV park, and had casual inquiries from a couple of other residents there. I left my customer a stack of business cards to distribute, we will see how that goes.  Also, I am working bids for two different people here in this park; one of them is the manager, so I may be able to turn that into a permanent maintenance contract (and maybe a discount on my rent, to boot!)  So with all of that going on, tomorrow I’m headed to Brownsville to file my DBA with Cameron County, and then to the bank to open a Business Checking account; this gives me the legitimacy that I need to join the Chambers of Commerce here in Port Isabel and South Padre Island, which will in turn open up new avenues.  It’s exciting to see the potential I had hoped for actually coming to life!!

That’s about all I have to report for now; hopefully by this time next week there will be some RUNNING to talk about 🙂   See you then!


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